Pro-Temp Manager

In early 2015 we will be establishing a new service to help fenestration industry manufacturers by utilizing the industry`s senior management talent. We call it the “Pro Manager” concept. A similar more general concept has been around for years, but we will organize and consolidate this concept to make it simple for the fenestration manufacturers who are seeking help in solving internal problems, without bringing in expensive management talent on a full time, or long term basis.

We are in the process of developing this service of finding and placing, “on a temporary basis”, highly experienced fenestration managers into short term consulting projects. They could be located locally, or brought in from anywhere
in North America (USA and Canada) to help the manufacturer with its sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, OEM products, distribution, or to help with any other specific problem area within fenestration manufacturing.

The “Pro Manager” would come to the company and stay (a week, month, six months, or longer if agreed to) and solve any specific internal problem. This would be done for companies with problems in manufacturing/ engineering, sales/marketing, distribution and certain other areas, BUT…in all cases, the “Pro Manager” would be from the fenestration industry, “with the exact background needed”.

The “Pro Manager” would know all of the manufacturing, or marketplace intricacies and nuances, with knowledge of the current market conditions, competitors, plant equipment and processes, design, customers, etc. depending upon the skills and experience needed. This manager would have the industry knowledge of the area, region, even nationally, for that specific part of the fenestration industry, whether it be in sales/ marketing, or manufacturing/ engineering and OEM products…..he would be a true “Professional Fenestration Manager” and we would do all of the screening to make sure his skills fit with the client needs.

This new concept will revolve around having groups of managers with varied backgrounds ready for projects that fit both the company and the “Pro Managers” needs and we will have these types of managers available at all times.

Some of our “Pro Managers” won`t be available for travel on assignments, some will prefer travel, due to their past history. Some will have experience with large plants, or markets, some with only smaller plants and companies. The same for engineering, distribution, sales/ marketing, which also involves hire, fire, motivation and customer base knowledge within the specific clients market.
A manager “in between jobs” with strong skills, could be a “Pro Manager” and it could possibly lead to a full time position, if both parties were interested after the project was finished.

With senior experienced managers, assuming their children have moved from home, they could take their wives with them. His wife could travel within the new area while her husband is happy doing what he is good at doing, while earning some extra income towards his retirement.