Mergers & Acquisitions

Aspen Consulting Group

Aspen Consulting Group is involved with M&A and Corporate Development and deals primarily with the acquisition and/ or divestiture of business units for either the buyer or the seller. The consulting activities include locating buyers for family businesses, or with internal problems, and helping financial buyers and investment groups expand, or locate synergistic  firms to platform into significant market segments. Aspen Consulting also works with companies under financial stress to develop strategies to improve operations and enhance performance. Aspen can assist in the financing of the business, perform market research, help restructure manufacturing and assist with strategic planning.

Aspen Consulting Group provides clients with a number of services associated with Corporate Development. These include assisting management under financial stress, helping with the financing of small to medium size companies and other general management counseling.

Companies in Financial Stress

Aspen has a past history of aiding a number of companies in defining and implementing strategies to turnaround operations and to restore the them to health. Some examples:

  • Aspen assisted the management of an American Stock Exchange Company in developing and executing a strategic plan that enabled the company to repay $22 million of loans in default to its bank group by assisting in the closing and selling of unprofitable business units.
  • Aspen reorganized a specialty manufacturing company with defaulted loans of $3 million by selling off segments of the company and refinancing them, and then initiating strategies to raise prices and turnaround operations. The defaulted loans were paid off.

Financing Small and Medium Companies

Aspen and associates are able to provide financial counseling and assistance in the financing of acquisitions, or restructuring of debt. Aspen has relationships with a number of financial institutions that are able to meet the needs of needy firm. Some representative examples include:

  • Aspen prepared a business plan and negotiated lender and equity financing that lead to a leveraged buyout of a division of a manufacturer. Aspen procured acquisition financing of $7 million, developed asset liquidation strategy and arranged a minority equity investment by a NYSE company. Aspen arranged for the refinancing of the debt portion with another lender at more favorable terms and rates.
  • Aspen assisted management in the leveraged buyout of a coating company. Aspen arranged financing and developed business strategies that allowed the management to pay off the acquisition debt within one year.
  • Aspen arranged project financing for a construction project. Aspen arranged to fund the project cost using industrial revenue bonds.

Management Counseling

Aspen’s activities include management counseling. This covers a broad range of areas and includes such items as strategic planning function, performing operational and cost reduction reviews and assessing the organizational structure for strengths and weaknesses.

  • Assisted a financial investment group in defining an acquisition strategy for acquiring¬† a building product manufacturing company. The strategy separated channels of distribution, manufacturing entities and products to allow for broad geographic coverage and vertical integration.
  • Worked with several international fenestration manufacturers with the acquisition and divestiture of various business units in the US marketplace.
  • Assisted a window manufacturer in the assessment of their material suppliers that resulted in a 25% reduction of select material costs.
  • Counseled a fenestration manufacturer on automated equipment to reduce labor costs and improve productivity in different areas of production.

While there are no universal solutions to a company’s needs, we believe we are able to identify the problems and resources necessary to provide those solutions.