Executive Search

Aspen IGI Executive Search Group can solve problem areas that a firm may have within its management team, by quickly bringing in the talented professionals needed. We will search through our database of over 300,000 industry related candidates for qualified people, or source through our confidential informants to find candidates with the exact background and experience required.

For both financial and strategic buyers, Aspen IGI can protect their investment by locating key operational management prior to the acquisition, to help with due diligence and later to manage the operations of the acquired business unit. Aspen is actually capable of re-staffing or creating entire departments within a company soon after an acquisition takes place to support weak areas within the firm and to enhance rapid growth.

Our fees are based upon both a contingency and non contingency basis for executive search and as per the Lehman Fee Scale, or on a finders fee basis, for mergers/acquisitions and corporate development, with an hourly or flat fee project basis for counseling. A retainer is not always necessary, but is suggested for M&A representation, or for confidential Executive Search assignments.